What is Dungeons of Everchange RL?

Since you have stumbled upon our humble website, I guess you would like to know a little bit more about game we try to make in our spare time. If you are not familiar with roguelike therm, I advise you to check the pioneer of this genre Rogue, or to check the roguelike genre description on Wikipedia.
Dungeons of Everchange is a game set in a fantasy universe, where the main protagonist descends into the maze to find and defeat the evil wyrm Belphegore.
He needs to break through traps, countless enemies, monsters of all sorts and shapes, he needs to solve puzzles thrown before him, and somewhere deep underground to seek the lair of the main villain, and in glorious battle to defeat the dragon Belphegore. Or at least to die trying.
The game itself contains a large number of potions, scrolls, books of magic, armors and weapons, that are generated by random algorithms, so every started game is different from past ones, and every game has a different environment and different equipment, which is there to help the player reaching the very heart of catacombs.
Does the player takes on the role of a knight in shining armor who sows death at every turn, the thief who is trying to sneak part other enemies or the mighty wizard who calls supernatural powers to aid him in his quest to overcome the obstacles that are thrown before him, it only depends on the player and his style of play.

As in real life, in order to reach your goals, you do not have to be superior being to accomplish your goals. It is sufficient to take advantage of the conditions that surround you, by which goals themselves get closer to you.

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