Alpha 0.5 released!

Much has been added and changed in the new alpha release of the game. Probably the most important changes are regarding combat and skills. All weapon attacks were changed and improved, all armor defense rating works properly. Skills in weapons and armors were introduced: every successful hit by weapon increase weapon skill slightly, and every received hot on armor increase armor skill rating slightly. Here is the complete list of changes:
  • Monsters follow player upstairs if aggroed
  • All potions have minor/major variant
  • Death types in high score table are shown properly
  • When creature falls down through the hole in the ground, it will seek player upstairs
  • Aggroed monsters after fall don't disappear anymore
  • Rings are wearable
  • Amulets are wearable
  • Ranged weapons are usable
  • Statistics: monster kill counts
  • Sleeping monsters didn't felt into abyss if descent potion were throw near/at them
  • Enemies can't open doors diagonally anymore
  • Stealth range of player is taken into account if enemies wander near player
  • Monsters descend after player.
  • Combat messages are fixed
  • All armors are wearable.
  • Weapon adn armor skills are introduced
  • All creatures have specialized miss/hit messages
  • Item drop works
  • Water is animated
  • Bullets have smooth animation
  • Water/lava have static lightmap
  • Real Time/Combat Time works correctly
Have a nice time playing improved version of Dungeons of Everchange!

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