Alpha 0.6.5 Released!

As promised this update brings a lot of changes involving every aspect of the game. From dungeon decoration elements to the combat system changes, almost all parts are a little bit changed, tweaked.

  • Barrels didn't had any items inside. Now you can find various items in barrels, mostly food, but sometimes more valuable items are also hidden hiden in few of them.
  • Bow damage was decreased by 75%.
  • Armor durability is increased 100%.
  • New skill - Hide in shadows: By pressing 'H' button rogue will try to hide in shadows. There must be visible enemy around for this skill to succeed.
  • New skill - Detect Traps: By pressing 'T', rogue will try to search for traps in near vicinity. There is a slight chance of failure.
  • New skill - Stealth: Snaking around will increase stealth skill. Increasing this skill will cause rogue to move more silently. Noise level is reduced by 1 tile for every 5 levels gained.
  • By pressing 'N' noise level will be shown. Monsters outside rogue's noise level will not detect him. Even if monsters is inside rogue's noise level, there is a slight chance that rogue will remain undetected.
  • Weapon skills are grouped. There is piercing, slashing and bludgeon skill instead of weapon skills by type
  • There are ten new traps made. Sooner or later rogue will encounter them all, no need to descibe them all.
  • Barrel traps occurrence was decreased.
  • Equipment pane was changed.
  • All help screens were resized.
  • Inventory shows unequipped items as slots.
  • Messages window is fixed. There was a bug with messages than span across several lines.
  • New Decorations: Lot of them. From simple ones like rubble and skulls on ground, there are also specific rooms and even complete levels decorated.
  • Gases and explosions pass through portcullis and some other dungeon elements.
  • Sometimes chest blocked passability and rogue was unable to proceed.
  • Added rogue memory. Non visible environment will stay same as last time seen.
  • Empty bottle can be filled with water. Just stand near water and select empty bottle. New option will appear.
  • Broken potions leave glass debris.
  • Fixed bug which caused level creation alghorithm to create no container on level.
  • Ranged combat was broken. It works again.
  • Arrows can be equipped again.
  • Arrows are represented with directional lines when shot.
  • Rogue can shoot through portcullis.
  • Selecting enemies [TAB] will show chance to hit them. Also Immunities and Vulnerabilities (or as I call them Vulneromunities) are listed below selected enemy. For example Poison++ means that enemy have Immunity to poison and every poison attack will reduce damage amount by 2.
  • Added possibility for rogue to wield melee and ranged weapons at once.
  • Healing potions were broken. They work normally now.
  • On some circumstances blind enemies were still able to attacked rogue. Fixed.
  • Confused enemies cannot anymore to do a ranged attack.
  • Added 4 combat skills. They are selectable with numeric buttons 1-4. Two skills are made for melee weapon, two for ranged.
  • Slow and haste effects now affects defense and accuracy also.
  • Auras broke ring effects, now they work properly.
  • Health of rogue is increased by 50%.
  • Detect Monsters did now detect undead monsters. Now at least some of the undead monsters type are detected. As Detect Monsters is intended to work as kind of telepathy spell. So any monster that have brain should be normally affected ( if they pass mind attack ), however some of the undead monsters have too odd mind to be successfully affected.
  • Monsters have race based immunities.

Please follow this link to access download section.

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