Progress Sharing 1

for version Alpha

There are pending changes made in battle system. Abilities will be automatically upgraded, their availability at start of game will be reduced. New knowledge will be acquirable by getting abilities from books of tactics, books of prayers and books of arcane knowledge. Most of abilities were merged into one which will scale with as player experience in given ability increase.

For now, new battle system draft is finally finished, all monsters have new defenses, wounds, fatigue and some other basic attributes made according to new system. Some monsters got new and shiny armor (there were none). First plays are showing definitely better approach, and more excited battles.

Newest part (that is still missing from the game) will be counter actions (or triggers, as you wish). On certain circumstances it will allow player to counter-react to attacks. Like casting silence to counter a spell, blocking a critical attack, ranged player get possibility to jump away if enemy comes adjacent to him. It will spice a battles very much.

Monsters strength will partially scale with depth level player is on, which lead to more balanced combat. Players will experience gradually increasing difficulties as they go deeper and deeper.

Revisiting rings and amulets brought these changes:
  • Wearing unidentified items will show "Unknown effect" in effect pane
  • Wearing unidentified ring of perception will identify it
  • Wearing unidentified ring of levitation will identify it (its pretty obvious if your legs leave the ground)

Also big changes are made into standardizing a keybinds to reflect approaches major games use. You can use vi keys for movement, numerical keyboard and directional keys.

There were grammatical issues with some texts, now it will correctly distinguish difference between a and an.

  • Player names that contained more than one word wasn't saved correctly (space delimiter :P)
  • Same messages are grouped (You destroy barrel. x4)
  • Added item pick up messages, with assigned char (You pickup a carrot - 'l')
  • Added item drop messages, with assigned char (You drop a carrot - 'l')
  • Added place into container messages, with assigned char (You place carrot - 'l' in box)

Gameplay changes
  • Increased playable area, screen is no more static. Problem was that deeper levels where 30-40 monsters were spawned, and on small level they made a huge threat. Although this version of game is mostly combat based, there is a plan to implement rogue path, a shadowy little fellow who can pass unnoticed to great depths, sneaking upon enemies, dealing tremendous damage while being unnoticed.
  • Some of the monsters are now mostly neutral in behavior. They will try to avoid you, but the keyword is mostly. Some packs may have members who will think of you as good meal and they will not retreat, and instead they will bring their fellows to taste your leg. Or head. DOesn't matter really which body part you are missing.
  • Added basic mouse handling for selecting and attacking enemies. Left click - attack, right click - select.
  • Combat Time (CT)/Real Time (RT) mod is now visible on screen

  • Text are more readable now
  • OK/Yes prompts are also acceptable with enter, No/Cancel with ESC
And on the end some bug fixes I found along:
  • BUG FIX: Sometimes when enemy felt into abyss or into lava, game crashed
  • BUG FIX: Fixed rare bug when enemies would fall into abyss if they are part of pack

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