Changelog Alpha 9a

Alpha 9a is released, there were few bugs around in Alpha9, nothing serious, all were fixed. Some of the changes are introduced just to fix make gameplay more comfortable

Here are the changes:

  • NEW: Added description text of races, life and side path at character creation screen
  • NEW: Distinguished Combat from Defensive paths at character creation screen
  • NEW: Display text that signature weapon is still work in progress
  • NEW: Look command on creatures will show their description
  • NEW: Added TAB for selecting next options
  • NEW: Activated look command now can be closed also by pressing ESC.
  • CHANGE: throwables can be equipped in quiver
  • CHANGE: throwables are usable with Volley and any other ranged attack
  • CHANGE: Darts are automatically equipped in quiver slot at beginning of the game
  • CHANGE: Grille's have slightly different glyph not to be confused with archs
  • 'EFFect' pane's text changed to 'Effect'. Toggling keybind changed to 'f
  • Dropping items no longer closes inventory
  • Scroll of identify will be recognized for what it is upon reading it.
  • If two handed weapon is equipped, now off hand text is not visible in inventory
  • TYPO: Character Creation screen: "Press enter to change" text changed to "Press Enter to start the game"
  • TYPO: Changed "Comming soon" to "Coming soon".
  • BUGFIX: Fixed issue with keyboard and SHIFT. Pressing Shift 2, shown 2@ at once
  • BUGFIX: Changed the stairs glyph, < is upstairs, > is downstairs
  • BUGFIX: Fixed overlapping text at bottom of help screen
  • BUGFIX: Prevented movement of player while help screen is visible
  • BUGFIX: Prevented movement of player while statistics is visible
  • BUGFIX: Birthsign has highlighted letter on left side of character creation screen
  • BUGFIX: Character creation, selecting player race is case sensitive
  • BUGFIX: Life & Side paths have highlighted letter on left side of character creation screen
  • BUGFIX: Favorite weapon have highlighted letter on left side of character creation screen
  • BUGFIX: Recreated keybinnds for inventory, now they are case sensitive
  • BUGFIX: Long names in inventory will properly break into new line
  • BUGFIX: Fixed "Punch"
  • BUGFIX: Slicing Blow is shown under Power Book when learned
  • BUGFIX: Fixed issue with badly generated waterskin names if someone drank from it.
  • BUGFIX: Removed double spacing between lines under Combat Paths (Character Creation screen)
  • BUGFIX: When players ascends he is no longer placed on stairs
  • BUGFIX: Dead bodies out of FOV are not rendered as black squares anymore
  • BUGFIX: Acidic cloud "Burning" effect text changed to "Flesh Corrosion"
  • BUGFIX: Blood out of fov is no more colored
  • BUGFIX: Throwables (like darts) when missed left two darts on ground
  • BUGFIX: You can't choose same path for life and side paths anymore
  • BUGFIX: Retaliate range is fixed, it is no more triggered from a range greater than melee range
  • BUGFIX: Item's text that span on several lines are shown properly in inventory and containers
  • BUGFIX: Fixed Sacral Weapon to work properly.
  • BUGFIX: In order for Heal spell to work you needed to press directional key to cast it on self, now when it's activated, pressing enter will cast it on self.
  • OPTIMIZATION: Adjusted probabilities of several items to be spawned (especially food)

Happy hunting.

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