Alpha 0.6.5 Released!

As promised this update brings a lot of changes involving every aspect of the game. From dungeon decoration elements to the combat system changes, almost all parts are a little bit changed, tweaked.

  • Barrels didn't had any items inside. Now you can find various items in barrels, mostly food, but sometimes more valuable items are also hidden hiden in few of them.
  • Bow damage was decreased by 75%.
  • Armor durability is increased 100%.

New Update Soon

If everything goes according to plan, in a week or two new update will come out, with huge number of fixes and new content.
Among the first things I would like to mention that the game is easier for the first 10 levels. Then the things get a little complicated. We have introduced a few major changes in the core game mechanics. For example, the durability of all armors is increased, and player can receive more blows before armor falls apart.

Besides armor durability increase, there is …