Welcome Traveler!

Have a seat and stay awhile.

In Dungeons of Everchange you take a role of a lonely hero, who tries to descend into unknown depths of twisted mazes of Everchange to kill ultimate tyrant Belphegore. There is no written documentation or maps of survivors who dared to enter the mazes and escaped alive, at least no rumors match what you can found down there. Except one: mazes are always different, walls and corridors change, and utmost horrors of every size and shape lurk in dark, waiting for its next prey.

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  • 50 levels deep dungeon
  • 58 very different monsters
  • 71 type of items, with blessed and cursed variations, and rare powerful enchantments
  • 4 playable races
  • 12 birthsign effects
  • 24 battle skills
  • 83 wonderful spells
  • Turn based combat - Real Time gameplay
  • 59 combat abilities
  • Online leaderboard
  • Unique experience awarding system

How to Live

  • Find your playing style. You can be pure archer, or warrior who throws magic into face of enemies in close combat, or wizard clerk, or...name it...
  • Dual wield sword and bow. Or any other melee and ranged weapons. No penalties for that!
  • Be a blacksmith and fix your armor and weapons during your journey.
  • Gather herbs and be a powerful alchemist. Or be apprentice alchemist and make only things that blow up.
  • Or just be Jack-Of-All-Trades and be everything listed above!

How to Die

  • Disgracefully sink into lava
  • Get possessed by Lich Lord
  • Get roasted by dragons breath
  • Die from contracting poison
  • Break a neck by falling through hole in the ground.
  • Get electrocuted
  • Drown
  • Freeze to death
  • And many others to be discovered...

* Not all features are implemented, nor they are all listed.