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    Progress Sharing #1

    Since this is just the first post in the forum about the progress of the development, here is a preface of a work in progress.

    I have started removing camping, hunger, and thirst. It is quite a big task, but the progress is good. This is one of the key features that will be introduced in the next version. To elaborate a bit more: the hunger clock didn't add anything to the game. From online leaderboard morgue files I found out that a lot of players are dying from thirst and hunger. Which is not good by any means. They should die from other nasty things in dungeons ;) . So I reformulated those a bit.

    I completely removed camping, and all those nice foods will be useful for restoring health and fatigue. More juicy fruits like melons will restore both. Also, the waterskins will restore fatigue if the player drank from them. During the p[rocess of eating or drinking player will get a short buff which will gradually increase health, or decrease fatigue (or both at once). Players can move freely around while having a buff but during the combat, and if hit, the buff will disappear. So mechanic seems quite useful, but outside the combat. With tears in my eyes, I needed to remove my favorite death: bacon eater. Since eating salty bacon would decrease hunger and increase thirst, you could die from eating it :|

    Another part of removing camping was that I needed to reformulate learning new powers. The original approach was that when the player started camping, ALL powers got erased, and then gradually they got re-learned as memorized powers during the sleep. When you wake up, you were refreshed with all your powers in your head. There were dangers with this approach. If someone walked in the room while you just went to sleep, (and you just had all powers wiped out) it was almost sure death. So if you found a book with new power, you needed to clear the level, and then go to sleep

    Currently, you can swap powers without triggering learning powers. Each power needs 10 turns to learn and if the player moves, the buff will fail. If a player gets hit, it will fail.

    There is a problem with certain buffs and debuffs. For example, casting failure. For failing an action, the player is prompted with several options, one of them being debuff that will decrease casting chance until you rest.

    So as the first process of removing debuffs I am currently working on adding thematic rooms to the dungeons. The first one will be the shrines, where the player can Pray for help.

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