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    I have a basic version of the pray mechanism working. With this mechanism implemented, we are even more near the release date of the next version :) 

    How it works. The first time when the player approaches the shrine, message popups explaining the possibility to pray at the shrine. I quite like this approach, explaining to the player as it plays that there are possibilities around. Something like a tutorial while the player plays the game. A lot of people don't read the readme files, and this seems a nice extension to the game.

    The player approaches the shrine, presses a "p" key on the keyboard then a random block of text appears. This is a second random flavor text I really enjoyed creating. There are 5 blocks of the text randomly chosen, carefully designed to fit one after another to create a small flavor explanation of the current situation. Overall I am satisfied with the quality of the text, and of course, there are probably some grammar mistakes I made but those are planned to be fixed later.

    For now, in case the player has some malevolent buffs they disappear.

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