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    Alpha 9.6 Released

    Alpha9.6 brings brings a lot of changes and bug fixes. One of the most noticeable features is that there is sound support in the game. A lot of sounds have been added, some of them are repeating, some are still not there yet. These are just first steps to bring even more immersive ASCII experience. All these changes are added in HD version of game as well. 

    • NEW: Sound support, a lot of sounds have been added
    • NEW: Added 32x32 font
    • NEW: Wounded, bleeding enemies will flash red for a moment
    • NEW: Monster transitions between tiles are now time based. Slower machines have better gameplay dynamics
    • NEW: Flying monsters are represented same as levitating monsters. They move up and down.
    • NEW: 3 new levels of 'Move away' ranged trigger
    • NEW: Morgue file is expanded with learned player powers and info on how many times player have used it
    • NEW: Morgue file is expanded with learned player triggers and info on how many times they got activated 
    • NEW: Morgue files is expanded with eradicated creatures number and their types.
    • MOD: Sacral Weapon can be cast on ranged weapon
    • MOD: Monsters glyphs will better blend will darkness, being hard to recognize in shadows
    • MOD: Levitating is represented better
    • MOD: Hallucinations will slightly modify the foliage also
    • MOD: For selected sacral side path, player's starting equipment have 2 potion of healing (down from 5)
    • MOD: Sacral weapon has got new levels.
    • MOD: Sacral weapon have reduced max damage by -50%
    • MOD: Most of the stronger arrow powers got their recharge time increased
    • MOD: Modified chances for critical hit and critical miss to occur more often
    • MOD: Finetuned most of ranged abilities  
    • MOD: First level will never spawn secret rooms
    • MOD: Increased green slime chances to split
    • MOD: Increased green slime chances to swallow items
    • MOD: Redesigned Chariot & Lover birthsign
    • FIX: Ranged weapons were not able to trigger critical misses
    • FIX: If detect monster scroll was read, then player encounters detected monster previously not seen, if monster goes away, telepatic bond will break
    • FIX: Changed logging level of published builds
    • FIX: On entering cyclic dungeon player was sometimes moved into wall.
    • FIX: Dead monsters wrongly spawns zzz, as it was asleep
    • FIX: If enemy died near stairs up/stairs down, there was a possibility that carried items will be dropped on stairs. They cannot be picked from that place. 
    • FIX: Scroll of light works again as intended
    • FIX: Confused monsters that are out of sight don't popup confused text anymore
    • FIX: Dragon could be distinguished form others with scroll of detect monsters (by size)
    • FIX: Encountered bloat, killed it at range. One rat died I have never encountered, on a tile I've never seen. Dead body of rat popped on screen 
    • FIX: Upon wearing ring of perception, surrounding is created on next turn, but it should be shown immediately
    • FIX: Ring of regeneration wasn't applying regeneration strength
    • FIX: Effect of removing rings did not worked always
    • FIX: If player equipped ring of hunger or ring of slow metabolism, all creatures were affected with it.
    • FIX: Ring of absorption now works as intended
    • FIX: Sacral Weapon was castable even when no weapon was equipped
    • FIX: If enemy was selected, displayed possible damage was not always correct
    • FIX: Ranged Life path had Bow +0, should be +1
    • FIX: Regression bug, bullets were not visible.
    • FIX: Regression falling bug. Player/monster died instead of falling.
    • FIX: Regression bug, map was not revealed with magic mapping.
    • FIX: Dead monsters were levitating.
    • FIX: Regression bug, with pathfinding and approach behavior of monsters. They stood confused sometimes.
    • FIX: Indefinitely sleeping monsters bug.
    • FIX: Sacral weapon and similar self casting spells could increase score indefinitely, by constant casting.
    • FIX: Regression fix, after the game is over, now the actual highscore entry is highlighted
    • FIX: Regression fix, Arcane Armor works as intended
    • FIX: Sacral weapon will not fail anymore if player is targeting enemy

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