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    Alpha 9.7 Released

    With every new version we are getting closer to Alpha 10. There will be 3 major releases until that, and probably 2 minor ones. Here is the change log for a current Alpha 9.7 version:

    •  NEW: Player can be controlled by mouse
    •  NEW: Added new identify system. Items will be automatically identified after some time. System is divided into 3 broad groups. 
        Identifying as pure spellcasters, identifying as hybrid spellcasters and identifying as non spellcatsres. Usually player will identify items by reading scroll of identify or
        by donning items (as mean of gambling with RNG) when player will sense if item is cursed or blessed.
        Now there is a third method(s): 
      • As a non spellcaster player can equip item and:

        • if item is weapon, it will be identified after 15 defeated enemies with it
        • if item is armor, it will be identified after item gets hit for a certain amount of time. Weightier items need more time to be identified than one cloth armor
      • As a pure spellcaster (player with major path in Arcana or Sacrals), player don't need to wear item, it has slight non cumulative chance each turn that it will be identified 0.1%*major path level/turn
      •  As a hybrid spellcaster (player with minor path in Arcana or Sacrals), player don't need to wear item, it has slight minor non cumulative chance each turn that it will be identified 0.1%*minor path level/turn
      • also if the item is armor and it gets hit, it has a slight non-cumulative chance to be identified (2%/hit)

    •  NEW: Trigger popup shows fatigue cost of each trigger activated
    •  NEW: Liquid bodies generation is changed to contour 'bombing' algorithm
    •  NEW: Resting popup is moved on top of the screen. You can observe what is happening around you 
    •  NEW: New type of up/down stairs distance evaluations
    •  NEW: If more than one creature is bound, they will not kill each other.
    •  NEW: Added accept TOS
    •  NEW: Opening/closing doors and containers will not trigger popup if there is only one outcome.
    •  NEW: 3 new death types
    •  NEW: most of the items have price (which will be calculated into final score)
    •  NEW: new popups after casting Protect armor & Protect weapon
    •  NEW: new popup after identifying item
    •  NEW: new popup after enchanting item
    •  NEW: Several new predefined blueprint rooms
    •  NEW: Modding possibility with Maptographer
    •  NEW: Pressing 'B' will draw map in Black & White
    •  NEW: Added default message when player tries to pickup something form ground and there is nothing
    •  MOD: Coloring scheme of the walls is slightly changed
    •  MOD: Exit dungeon glyph is changed to different one
    •  MOD: Dungeon generation room attaching is speed up on certain occasions
    •  MOD: Increased number of rooms generated at lower depths
    •  MOD: Visibility radius increased
    •  MOD: Epic quality items are renamed to Legendary quality items
    •  MOD: Unique quality items are renamed to Divine quality items
    •  MOD: Slightly increased trigger countdown timer (by 0.25 sec to show 0 at the end)
    •  MOD: 'Move away' trigger description text is changed
    •  MOD: Refactored threat decision factor for friendly units
    •  MOD: Modified score calculations based on a new prices of weapons
    •  MOD: Determining of the player class is changed. By learning at least two powers in one category player will be marked proficient in it.
    •  MOD: Inventory will not be closed after Protect weapon or Protect armor was cast
    •  MOD: In case player is camping and receives damage, he will wake up
    •  MOD: Refactored container code
    •  FIX: Fixed functional bug of Scroll of Wealth. It didn't always showed positions of treasures
    •  FIX: Fixed bug in invalid statistical calculation of attack turns
    •  FIX: Fixed bug with endurance level detection, when endurance was increased more rapidly
    •  FIX: Fixed bug in invalid statistical calculation of wait turns
    •  FIX: On first level there was a chance for a stairs to be flooded with water
    •  FIX: Rare bug when no stairs were generated
    •  FIX: Regressive fix, items are not added anymore to container if player threw item at it, but instead put on floor beside
    •  FIX: Triggers will not be activated if player is camping (not yet fixed)
    •  FIX: Enemies rarely hit sleeping player
    •  FIX: When enemy miss player it will spawn "Miss" floating text
    •  FIX: Bound & charmed enemies will not activate 'Jump Away' trigger
    •  FIX: Enemies will target bound creature as well beside the player
    •  FIX: 'Jump away' trigger will no more activate when player is dead and enemy approaches
    •  FIX: Fixed cyclic dungeons chaotic occurrence. Cyclic dungeon frequency was determinated before RNG seed, which caused unpredictable behavior
    •  FIX: Edge of the map is now properly filled with walls/cave walls
    •  FIX: Fixed a bug when occasionally game would crash on assigning monster to a group with non-existent group leader
    •  FIX: Fixed a bug when green slime was hit with magic spell *on melee range*, slime swallowed your held weapon. Slimes should only swallow your melee weapon.
    •  FIX: Fixed crash when creating books with unknown powers
    •  FIX: Monsters that are able to fly are now correctly sleeping only over solid ground (and not over lava as they used to)
    •  FIX: Removed obsolete non visible walls from cyclicly generated maps.
    •  FIX: Cursed rocks were found with cursed prefix in their name. Fixed it to Cursed (?)
    •  FIX: Fixed program crash if no stairs could be placed in current dungeon
    •  FIX: Negative durability of some cursed items
    •  FIX: Regressive fix on summon monster scroll, when instead of monsters being aggressive they were friendly toward player.
    •  FIX: Regressive fix on resizing window which didn't worked.

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      Re: Alpha 9.7 Released

      There is a small critical fix that solves bug with player descending into the wall...please download the new version with the fix.

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