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    Alpha 9.7.5 Released

    One of the most important changes Alpha 9.7.5 brought is a new inventory UI, which will enable much more cleaner look at surroundings while browsing the inventory. Here is the complete changelog:

    • NEW: Inventory UI
    • NEW: Actions UI
    • NEW: Looting UI
    • NEW: Accuracy will decrease if target is not close
    • NEW: Added Weakling class in case player is too weak in power
    • NEW: You can admire treasure now
    • NEW: Player will have text above his head on each start of the game.
    • NEW: player will be reminded to fill waterskins if they are near water 
    • NEW: cursed items can be removed when item's durability is reduced to 0
    • MOD: Changed level calculations of player
    • MOD: Unified logging of game data into file
    • MOD: Changed from REX to Maptographer file format
    • MOD: Triggers count toward calculating of the player class
    • MOD: Renamed Fighter class to Warrior
    • MOD: Learning existing powers will increase power level by 1 instead setting power to some level (preventing for example to learn Hack & Slash on depth 1)
    • MOD: Modified a bit durability and weight. It will be not so obvious which items are cursed and which blessed by simply looking at the numbers.
    • FIX: Main menu shortcuts works normally
    • FIX: Fixed spell failure to display minimum default spell failure to 5% (was 0%)
    • FIX: Spell failure was displayed wrong: it should be 100%-Spell Failure
    • FIX: Fixed not to activate 'Slide away' trigger when monster circles around player
    • FIX: Fixed not to enable player to slide outside of 'Slide Away' trigger range when trigger is activated
    • FIX: Fixed rare incomplete level generations
    • FIX: Fixed issue with enemies who were not encountered and died for some reason, would not be visible on map even after being seen for the first time.
    • FIX: Clicking on minimize on Powers, Effects & Triggers pane works again
    • FIX: bug when player could point to unexplored/non visible space and if there was a monster it would show you that you cannot recognize monster in dark
    • FIX: monsters that die while being telepathically bound will be shown on map as ? if they were not encountered yet
    • FIX: monsters that die while not being encountered will not show up on map
    • FIX: Item will not be dropped anymore by pressing 'a' if it has quantity 1
    • FIX: Fixed anomalies that affected comparison of some items and displayed wrong values
    • FIX: Fixed bug which enabled you to drop worn cursed items  (effectively removing it)
    • FIX: Fixed bug which enabled you to put worn cursed items in container (effectively removing it)
    • FIX: Regressive fix of non working debuff damagers (i.e. Bee toxins didn't damaged you)
    • FIX: Fixed Honey splash debuff that was sometimes cast multiple times from a same creature.
    • FIX: Bee's sometimes goes mad, killing player in a blink of eye (need still testing was this fixed)
    • FIX: Fixed Eye paralytic attack to work properly
    • FIX: Fixed bug in power leveling of 'Sacral Weapon'.
    • FIX: After camping if no powers are selected, game will select one for you
    • FIX: If camping was disturbed and you tried to bind power over another, old power was still bound to your key
    • FIX: While moving on path if player hits chest, it was impossible to close the inventory window.
    • FIX: If you have split stack of arrows, and one you have wearing is identified, after you pickup non-identified arrows they will be identified, and properly stacked with other arrows.
    • FIX: After picking up items from piles, hovering mouse over the pile's place shown wrong message
    • FIX: Dropping worn magical item will remove magical effect properly
    • FIX: Manually uploaded sessions work properly
    • FIX: Avatar name cannot be anymore empty 

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