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    Fatigue Changes

    Finally I have created piece of code that handles Spells and Failures. First radical change in gameplay was that no fatigue is consumed anymore, if player cast spells or use any other power. Normally until now you used fatigue to power your spells, and when it was depleted you needed a small rest before you continue. 

    Now only certain amount of fatigue is needed for casting, and it's used as deposit. So, to cast fireball with 15 fatigue, you must have 15 fatigue available. But it's not consumed. 

    Now the fatigue comes into play mostly when power failures occur. As seen in previous image when power failure happens player can choose what will happen. As player may choose two paths at beginning of play, one life and second side path (major and minor powers), player may only choose his own penalty from power coming from his life path. So if player have life path in piercing weapons, and side path in arcana, failure in casting any spell from Arcana will make game to pick player's penalty. For Life paths failures there are three common options player can choose from:

    •  Fatigue Increase, most harmless option at beginning. While your fatigue increase, higher spells may become unavailable at one moment.
    •  Spell or Melee accuracy decrease by 5% - It may trigger more failures as powers will more often fail
    •  Amnesia, you wipe your power from memory
    •  RNG choose, many other interesting, nasty or less severe options.

    These effects are all cumulative, until you sleep. While you are asleep, you are blind for actions happening around you. You will wake up if you 

    •  receive any wounds
    •  you decide to awake
    •  your wounds are at maximum, fatigue at minimum and desired powers memorized

    There is one nice menu option for choosing desired action.

    For memorizing powers, there is one new graphic of a book. Upon making the desired selection of powers, one popup will appear and then you will fall asleep.

    So I hope we will see more challenging tactical play with these new changes coming very very soon ( I realized yesterday, that last update was published on December 2015 ).

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