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    Progress Sharing #38

    New Enemies

    Nine new enemies were added to the game, and game now gets into pretty playable state. These monsters will be encountered on depth 9 to depth 15:

    Fire elemental

    Orc Shaman

    This one was fun creating it. My wife laughed hard when I walked around the room with staff in my hand, trying to see what is the natural movement of hands while walking with staff.


    Originally designed to have four hands, but they turned out to powerful with 4 attacks in round. With two attacks they are still decent foes.


    Another biggie. Walk slow, smash hard.

    Orc Archer

    Orc Sharpshooter

    Two ranged orcs, usually found in together with shaman, wandering around. Very, very dangerous.


    Magic Horror

     I still miss some particle effect here, since this guy is emitting no-magic zone around him. Probably will add particles at some point.

      With these enemies finished, we have:

      • 100% enemies finished for first 5 levels. (98.15% last week)
      • 96.7% enemies finished for next 5 levels. (77.29% last week)
      • 44.4% enemies finished for levels range: 10-15. (28.9 last week)
      • 22.6% enemies finished for levels range 15+. (5.6% last week)

      This is 65% of enemy graphics done (52% last week).

      Quality Changes

      Loading enemies speed is greatly improved, it loads enemies 500%-600% faster!  After some initial data is loaded, game needs 1.4 sec to create and load a complete level. This means that the level is randomly generated, 3D geometry randomly generated and placed on level and all graphics loaded and ready! More than satisfied, more than proud :)

      Game has several improvements like adding hp bars and circles under enemies. Enemies are not always clearly visible, like black rats in dark dungeons. It is hard to spot them, so mark circles  adds to playability also. Neutral, not aggroed enemies are marked yellow, while aggressive monsters are marked red.

      Some of the other small fixes:

      • I have slightly increased visibility radius, since enemies were mostly in dark.
      • Player chest armor wasn't rendering, I have added it.
      • Removed all coloring from clothes. At first all clothes were rendered gray-scale, so I could add color to them at the game level. Since all clothes were recolored, I removed those coloring stuff from the game.
      • HP bar under player is displayed only if player enters combat
      • Combat walk inside the game looks really awkward, but combat idle animation doesn't. So I'm using only idle for now. I will see what will happen with combat walk, yet. Even Combat idle & Normal walk works well.
      • Fixed small bug with particles. During item pickup from the ground, particles that mark items on ground were removed, but not always. The problem was in event system that broadcast a message about item being removed. Message was received before item was picked up, but after the particle was destroyed. So we had item without particle, and my function decided to add particle to item since there is none. :)
      • Added floating text above the enemies, but I can't catch one atm :) they are destroyed too fast.
      • Fixed few memory leaks.

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