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    Progress Sharing #39

    A huge progress was made in last 3 weeks. Old bugs fixed, new bugs found. Here is the short list of our progress:

    • NEW: Crates are now destructible. Crates were indestructible for some unknown reason. Moreover crates will now spawn less likely the food.

    • NEW: Added caustic gas

    • NEW: Blood stains as effect of bleeding

    • NEW: Bleeding effect.

    • NEW: Enemies and players have HP bars

    • NEW: Floating text is added over player and enemies

    • NEW: Added selection circles under enemies. Yellow for neutral monsters, red for aggressive, green for friendly.

    • NEW: Added enemy burn effect

    • NEW: Added acid debuff effect

    • NEW: Added disease debuff effect

    • NEW: Added poison debuff effect

    • NEW: Added ant bite animation

    • NEW: Added ant queen bite animation

    • MOD: Visibility radius is slightly increased (from 4 to 6 tiles)

    • MOD: Optimized camera matrices calculations.

    • MOD: Added but then removed displaying of enemies names

    • MOD: Fire elementals don't sleep anymore

    • MOD: Worms don't sleep anymore

    • MOD: Speeded up a lightmap caluclations

    • MOD: Optimized calculation of constant effect from items

    • FIX: Human Female clothing is now properly displayed and colored.

    • FIX: During item pickup all particles are properly destroyed

    • FIX: Bee attacks didn't applied poison debuff

    • FIX: A lot of animations were fixed

      • Goblin mage animations
      • Goblin chieftain animations
      • Goblin warrior animations
      • Goblin shaman animations
      • Ghosts animations
      • Attack animations of skeleton archers
      • Animations of Death Wolves
      • Death animation for burning skeleton
      • Death animation for bees

    • FIX: Enemies were entering into cave walls

    • FIX: Caustic gas was not spreading over the lava

    • FIX: Player had a possibility to select enemies in the dark

    • FIX: Fire illuminates surroundings

    Here is current state of how the game looks like:

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