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Have a seat and stay awhile.

If you are interested in DoE ASCII version please head over HERE. You can play ASCII version for free.

As you can see, Dungeons of Everchange has its graphical twin which is still heavily developed, but it uses the game engine from ASCII variant. What does it mean?
It means that the game is more or less complete up to Alpha 9A, just missing its graphical skin. Don't let Alpha title full you, game is playable and winnable for more than 2 years now. Since then, new features are constantly added, to extend game experience. Currently, we work heavily to bring HD version of the game to Alpha 10. Currently player animations have 11.168 frames, for all player races with possibility play as male or female. 29 enemies are created fully, with total of 48.803 frames of animations, and there are are 22 other enemies with partially finished animations. All equipment is visually represented on player character, changing his appearance.

There is a special feature DoE has, which brings game's aesthetics to higher level. That is, levels are having 3D procedural geometry, shortly 3DPG as I call it. What's 3DPG? Walls and floor are generated by procedural algorithms, and parametrized by random values. From player's point of view every level will have different walls, differently textured by algorithm. We have few more nasty ideas how to increase aesthetics of 3DPG, so it's not yet finished to it's final state, but it's already working as you can see on screenshots.

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  • 3D Procedural geometry
  • Randomly generated 50 levels deep dungeon
  • 58 very different monsters
  • 71 type of items, with blessed and cursed variations, and rare powerful enchantments
  • 4 playable races
  • 12 birthsign effects
  • 14 battle skills
  • 83 wonderful spells
  • Turn based combat - Real Time gameplay
  • 59 combat abilities

How to Live

  • Find your playing style. You can be pure archer, or warrior who throws magic into face of enemies in close combat, or wizard clerk, or...name it...
  • Dual wield sword and bow. Or any other melee and ranged weapons. No penalties for that!
  • Be a blacksmith and fix your armor and weapons during your juorney.
  • Gather herbs and be a powerful alchemist. Or be apprentice alchemist and make only things that blow up.
  • Or just be Jack-Of-All-Trades and be everything listed above!

How to Die

  • Read cursed book
  • Open things you shouldn't
  • Disgracefully sink into lava
  • Accidentally teleport self into wall
  • Die diseased from plague
  • Get roasted by dragons breath
  • Inbreathe death spores
  • Get electrocuted
  • And many others to be discovered...

* Not all features are implemented, nor they are all listed.