Progress Sharing 1

for version Alpha

There are pending changes made in battle system. Abilities will be automatically upgraded, their availability at start of game will be reduced. New knowledge will be acquirable by getting abilities from books of tactics, books of prayers and books of arcane knowledge. Most of abilities were merged into one which will scale with as player experience in given ability increase.

For now, new battle s…

Progress Sharing 2

for version Alpha

Battle system is completely redesigned and now it is based on automatic leveling. There are triggers and moves, with moves being combat abilities players can apply on enemies, while triggers give advantage to player in some rare occasions when they are triggered. Here is the short list of changes, without great number of bugfixes.

  • Fatigue representation is now inverted. Having 0 fatigue means …

Progress Sharing 3

for version Alpha 10

Finally, I have started and implemented into DoE a procedural geometry!

SO What is procedural geometry?
Until now game was only randomized floor during generation and with small randomization  on certain elements. That was until one week ago. Now, walls are also randomized, their geometry …