Alpha 0.6 released!

This release brings a lot of visual improvements. Dungeon creating algorithm was changed, and random rooms are now mixed with "predefined" blueprints (and they are being also randomly formed to some degree).
Dungeon decorations are introduced, and mostly notable of them is dry grass decoration. Being highly flammable it can be easily used as a tactical element of the game, putting units at range as they will try not to go over the burning floor, or use it to simply burn them down. Artificial intelligence of certain monster is fine-tuned, especially AI of the range units. They will try to stay at range, even slip by you if cornered, although some of them will approach you not caring about their ranged attack if they decide to go melee instead. Here is almost complete list of changes:
  • Added startup screen. You can name your player and play from specific seed.
  • Added scroll of valuable detection.
  • Added auras. For now only some of the undeads have Eerie Presence aura which decrease accuracy.
  • Throwing darts/rocks at barrels leave debris and triggers traps.
  • Creature names are shown properly in messages.
  • Added battle messages. Press B to see them in action.
  • Enemies don't go across gas tiles anymore. In case they catch fire from explosion, they will try to move out of burning area.
  • Added Ring Of Weakness.
  • If monster is pacified after attacking him it will go aggressive again.
  • Blind and confused player can fell into water and into lava now.
  • Added potion of true seeing.
  • Drinking potion now leaves empty bottle.
  • Blind attacker's to hit and damage are reduced.
  • Blind player don't see combat messages normally. He will only know that someone is attacked him.
  • Screen resolution reduces and enlarges depending on monitor resolution. Minimum is 1024x768.
  • Tasted food weight less.
  • Potion of telepathy take into account mind defenses of creatures and not sense some of the enemies.
  • Some of the undead creatures like ghosts now phase through walls and doors.
  • Added torches.
  • Added flammable dry grass dungeon feature.
  • Added invisibility potion.
  • Added grass dungeon feature.
  • Added bog dungeon feature.
  • Almost all enemies have now at least basic attack.
  • Barrels don't spawn in water, lava and over chasm anymore.
  • Column decorations.
  • Added create non-opaque walls.
  • Added portcullis.
  • And lot of bugs and small changes not listed here.

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