New Update Soon

If everything goes according to plan, in a week or two new update will come out, with huge number of fixes and new content.
Among the first things I would like to mention that the game is easier for the first 10 levels. Then the things get a little complicated. We have introduced a few major changes in the core game mechanics. For example, the durability of all armors is increased, and player can receive more blows before armor falls apart.

Besides armor durability increase, there is a new possibility to equip a bow and the sword at once. So rogue can shoot few arrows when the enemy is rushing toward him, and then finish him with his sword, without changing weapons set from inventory. Not to mention that this greatly ease fighting sequences.

Weapon skills have been redesigned and simplified. We had a skill for all weapon types, and now skills are used in groups rather than individually, such as a blunt weapon skill for example instead of hammer skill and mace skill. Off course skills still automatically level up when rogue lands a successful hit on enemy. In addition to weapon skills there are new feature: weapon abilities. Rogue can choose what type of attacks he will use. There is a normal “arrow shot” AND “precise shoot”, ability with higher accuracy and damage but only for once in a while.

Few new skills are added: like hide in the shadows and sneaking. Hide in shadows will reduce rogue's noise to 0 and make you very hardly detectable. For skill to succeed there must be enemy around in line of sight who have a possibility to notice rogue (aggressive monsters already noticed rogue). Improving this skills have great benefits on player as it will decrease noise level by 1 for every 5 levels of skill.

And the traps. Traps are everywhere! There are mechanical and magical traps implemented, attached to doors, chests and pressure plates, and there are more to come in next update.

Many parts of UI are more readable. After the player select enemy (TAB) chance to hit and possible damage output is shown. There is also a short list about monsters immunities and vulnerabilities.

Added a large number of dungeon elements; over 60. Reed grows in water, crystal formations are appearing on a deeper level, and a large number of skeletons is scattered around. And many of them are still there waiting to be discovered.

After this update goes live, next update will bring all monsters to final state. Every monster will have different behavior and different set of attacks, with dragon having greatest variety of summons, magics, immunities and attacks.

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