Alpha 9.5 Released

A huge amount of new content is added, like Cyclic Dungeon Generation (although still in progress). This release reflects 1.5 half year of development. Mostly I have creating content for HD version of the game during this period,  but now I have reached a point when both versions can progress at once. I will try to maintain a more or less normal pace and release a new version every 1-1.…

Contour bombing cave generation algorithm


To generate procedural caves and caverns, there are not so many algorithms out there that a programmer can use in his wide array of tools. Most developers use a cellular automata to generate complete cavelike levels, which is relatively nice algorithm that outputs decent layouts. The second method is the random walk method, a fairly…

Pogress Sharing 4

For version Alpha 10

It's been a month since the last post. We worked hard on HD version (and less on ASCII version).

Most of the time went into finishing a game UI for a DoE HD. Inventory, equipment, resistances and skills has been finalized. Animations of enemies are improved, and message window is colored properly. Numerous bugs were fixed, ans speed of the game was doubled.

Here are player skills, and colored window which is located at the bottom of the screen:

Progress Sharing 3

for version Alpha 10

Finally, I have started and implemented into DoE a procedural geometry!

SO What is procedural geometry?
Until now game was only randomized floor during generation and with small randomization  on certain elements. That was until one week ago. Now, walls are also randomized, their geometry …

Changelog Alpha 9a

Alpha 9a is released, there were few bugs around in Alpha9, nothing serious, all were fixed. Some of the changes are introduced just to fix make gameplay more comfortable

Here are the changes:

  • NEW: Added description text of races, life and side path at character creation screen
  • NEW: Distinguished Combat from Defensive paths at character creation screen
  • NEW: Display text that signature weapon is still work in progress
  • NEW: Look command on cr…