Progress Sharing 2

for version Alpha

Battle system is completely redesigned and now it is based on automatic leveling. There are triggers and moves, with moves being combat abilities players can apply on enemies, while triggers give advantage to player in some rare occasions when they are triggered. Here is the short list of changes, without great number of bugfixes.

  • Fatigue representation is now inverted. Having 0 fatigue means you are fresh and ready.
  • All panes are redesigned.
Combat Modifications
  • Added few melee moves, ranged moves and arcana moves.
  • Added few triggers
  • Added levels to combat moves. Combat moves can increase up to 10 levels.
  • Missing attacks will increase combat move experience, as missing with weapon shows you how not to do things. This approach perfectly solves problem of attack spamming of minor creatures in hope to increase your combat abilities. In this case combat ability will increase in skill as you attack harder opponents - and miss, being in real danger. Combat moves usually just increase damage done.
  • Hitting attacks will increase weapon skills, like piercing weapons skill. Having high levels will just increase accuracy by some degree.

Interesting point is that these two variations will equalize each other. usually hitting enemies will increase accuracy while damage output will increase in minor steps. As player start to miss damage output will start to move forward and accuracy to stagnate. However, I still didn't do any tests.

  • Books are finished. They can be read and learned from it. Books contain Moves and Trigerrs.
  • Added Auto-explore [S]
  • Selecting next enemy will be from nearest to far
  • Selection is not cleared if player moves
Dungeon Generation
  • Book of combat moves and Books of tactical triggers are scattered across dungeons. They are primary source of learning for players. On some rare occasions, there is a possibility for player to learn advanced moves of higher levels.
  • Started to work on puzzles. Created room connection graphs. They look like this. I had a minor issue with rearranging of tree if player falls through hole in the ground or jump into abyss. They usually land into different room ID than 1.

So for easier handling of puzzle logics, I needed to re-arrange the tree. Also ASCII output of tree looks tasty :)

Some doors will be locked now, and only being able to be open with the appropriate key. Still WIP, as keys will be locked in chests, on mini-bosses guarding the descending stairs etc. I like possibilities you can get from graphs like this.

Comments (2)

    • Heo Reply

      Good job!

      October 10, 2016 at 5:01 pm
      • izzy Reply

        Sorry for late reply, but thank you. There is a new version also available :) Download and enjoy your play.

        December 8, 2016 at 3:55 pm