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    Progress Sharing #2

    Work on thematic rooms and shrines got decent progress. The dungeon generation of the thematic rooms is now created without any problem. I had some problems with the generation when the thematic rooms with shrines were too big. It was not a huge problem, I just imagined shrine rooms to be small and cozy rooms/caves with a shrine in the middle, that any passerby can enter and take a break from dugeoneering. 

    Currently, they are reduced to a small reasonable size.

    Another "problem" was with a random distribution of the torches in the rooms. I wanted torches to be more evenly distributed to be looking more man-placed. That wasn't so big problem but included a bit challenging approach on how to determine which walls are belonging to which room, and how to place torches on the walls.

    The shrine is currently placed in the middle of the room, at least in the ASCII version. HD version is still waiting for the graphic to be finished.

    Upon reaching the shrine room first time, the player is presented with the text that there is a possibility to pray at the shrine to remove malevolent effects.

    I have started to add some more user-friendly gameplay if the player decides to play with the mouse. The player can click on the door and after his player character walks to the door, it will open the door automatically. The same approach is applied for picking up the items from the ground.

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