This Privacy Policy and Terms of Service covered here, apply to our website (, our forums ( and our morgue file upload service. Also covered here is our newsletter service.

  • Dungeons of Everchange is the game that contain scenes of people getting injured or dying in fantasy settings, by use of weapons and magic. Game also contain gore, injury detail, and blood-letting. This game is not suitable for children. If you are parent, please consider if this game is suitable for your child. This game is not intended for young persons of age 16 or younger.
    Moreover, we will not store any data of persons of 16 years or younger without consent from their parents. Please contact us at if you have reason to believe that any information from or about a child has been provided to us without the appropriate consent of an adult.

  • Our website is using a simple technology known as cookies to store small amounts of data on our visitors' computers or mobile devices. Cookies are small pieces of text stored on a visitor’s computer, normally to provide enhanced functionality and/or improved relevancy of information.
    Only cookie we are using is PHPSESSID, and no sensitive information is stored inside of it. There is no possibility that this information is of any use to any potential attacker.

  • We use Google Analytics, and Google Analytics use their own cookie to store information.
    For further information on Google Analytics cookies, please visit
    or view Google's privacy policy
    Google Analytics is GDPR compliant.

  • We are collecting few data to ensure player's highscore data is distinguished one from each other, and show some of that data on our website under Top Scores section. Upon registration we ask you to provide your email address and username. We use that data to log you in into our services. We are discouraging you to use your real name as username, as your username will be shown on the webpage. We are also discouraging you to use same password on different services. For example you should not use same password for our services and for your email account. We respect your privacy, your email address is stored safe, and it is not visible to anyone.

    We are storing exactly these data for our registered users:

    • Username
    • Email address
    • Password in encrypted form. We use AES-256 to store your passwords.
    • Registration IP address

    If you are using morgue file uploading service from within the game, we use one additional information, that is, a hashed system id. We use this information to ensure permanent logged in feature (you log in once, and stay logged in until you log out). We assure you, there is no possibility to reverse engineer any data from this information. We just use it as one unique number.
    If you don't agree with storing these data, please don't use use our morgue file upload service.

    As I have mentioned above, we also store your game's morgue file, if you decide to upload such a data to our server from within the game. You can see such a morgue file here. This one was uploaded by me. We don't upload any additional data with morgue file.
    If you don't want to show your morgue files to other people, please don't use our morgue file upload service.

  • We don't do that, and will not do ever. Users registered on our server have data stored secure, and no information is shared with any third party company.
    However there is one exception, in case you are subscriber. We share your email address with SendinBlue, as we are using their service for marketing purposes. We don't store subscribers' email address on or server. SendinBlue is GDPR compliant and they are not sharing your email address with anyone.

  • Your data is stored on servers located in EU .

  • If you don't want to use our services anymore, or you are concerned about your privacy, you can request to delete your data.
    Please notice that we will delete ALL of your data, and the process is irreversible. There is no chance that we can restore your account after deletion is done.
    We will respond to such a request only if request is sent from your registered email address to

  • If you want to see exactly what kind of data we are storing on you, please send us a request from your registered email address to We will pack and send you all data as soon as possible.

Last Updated: May 22, 2018