Maptographer is free and simple, yet powerful general purpose tool for creating map, map elements with embedded data for any type of 2D (or even 3D) game such as roguelikes and RPGs. Maptographer can be used as a to extend current dungeon generator possibilities by adding new user-defined layouts. Note that this feature is not yet alive, and it will be available from version Alpha 9.7.

The tool itself is not limited to use in extending the DoE, it can be used even as separate asset creator for any other game out there. Beside graphical data, every asset can have various data appended to it in form of strings, number, floats, booleans or custom 2D,3D and 4D vectors. Asset loader will be provided on GitHub for several languages (C++, C# and JS planned).

* Not all features are implemented yet.

** background image provided from excellent Ultima Ratio Regum.

Tool Features

Drawing options

Draw with various tools like pencil, line, square, ellipse and fill. Glyphs can be drawn with transparent or solid color.

Document handling



Use and edit several documents at once.


Use custom palette or draw in 32bit True Colors. Edit your palette.


Undo/Redo for almost any document manipulations.

Layer Handling

Create, duplicate and delete layers.

2D/3D mode

Switch to "fake" 3D mode to preview your document in depth view.

Parameter handling

Attach regions with custom parameters.


To binary format. Also you can import/export to JSON and REXPaint.


All tools are previewed by hovering mouse over document window.

Multi tools

Drawing on canvas is possible with multi glyph/color selections..